The E-Commerce world has gone through remarkable changes. It became as popular in B2B as it is in B2C. Service industries, from travel to insurance, from software to ride-sharing companies, started to sell online. Brands and manufacturers are reinventing themselves by selling directly to consumers, and the line between physical and digital commerce is blurring. There is a growing online-to-offline trend when successful Ecommerce companies are opening retail locations, and Digital Commerce is invading the physical world with smart checkouts, digital mirrors in dressing rooms, and Amazon Go stores.

Commerce is digital across all industries and types of businesses.

Many companies are either moving towards digital commerce or starting a new digital-native business, and, as the pandemic highlighted, not every business was moving fast enough.

Such explosive growth of digital commerce across all markets and industries led to common challenges.

Businesses need more people with Digital Commerce Expertise

True mastery of Ecommerce takes many years of practical, hands-on application. Rapidly growing demand for Digital Commerce skills has created a skill-gap and made it challenging to staff digital transformation projects. Companies need to move fast but are slowed down by the lack of in-house experience. They need more people with digital commerce expertise and an efficient way to up-skill existing teams.

Best Practices are not across Industries

Established businesses with legacy systems and business processes often attempt to replicate them with online tools instead of adopting the best ecommerce practices and focusing on customer experience. New digital-native companies consider their business unique and do not take full advantage of existing ecommerce expertise and systems. When it comes to commerce, different companies and industries have more in common than what differentiates them. However, the best digital commerce practices, concepts, and design patterns are not broadly shared and adopted between B2C & B2B, between retailers and pure online players, between companies that sell products and those that provide services.

CommerceIsDigital was created to address the shortage of digital commerce skills and make it easier to share ecommerce knowledge and best practices.